Dating Dilemmas

Hiya guys,

I have decided to add a bit more to my dating page, and thought we may as well start with the dilemmas I’ve experienced whilst dating! I can already tell you that they have not been fun, but I’ve definitely learnt a lot about myself and dating in general.

So lets give this a shot!

Number One: The Friends.

I find that in relationships, friends (either yours or theirs) unfortunately play a MASSIVE part! Thankfully, I am so lucky that my friends are so supportive and know what lines not to cross. However, after all my relationships I have discovered that not all friends are like mine.

My first serious relationship ended in A LOT of tears and heartache due to his friends sticking their nose in places it was not needed or definitely not wanted.
My ex always listened and put them first, which for them was the perfect scenario (surprise surprise!). However, for me it obviously wasn’t perfect as after a year and a half I kind of wanted to come first as he did with me?

In my last two relationships I’ve dated men that had women as best friends. Don’t get me wrong I am all about men and women being besties, but not when none of them know how to be just “friends”. My last ex sent pictures of his penis to his “bestie” – like come the fuck on, how did that even come into a conversation between them? Was it a typical “my boyfriends being a knob” and him replying “oh well, here’s a picture of mine”.

Number Two: Their “Extracurricular Activities”.

I have found at the moment that most of the men I have met like “The Sesh”.
I mean having a few drinks is okay, but 10 pints and some cocaine later? That’s a little too extreme for my liking especially seeing as I don’t drink let alone do drugs.

Some people I have been on dates with or liked have been involved with drink and drugs. I’ve found that unless you are into the same kind of thing then it will NEVER work! Their priorities will always lie on their next drink or when their next fix will be. I just feel that if they use drink or drugs to cope now then imagine what will happen in 10 years time when they cannot physically cope without it?

Number Three: Being Too Needy

This one is a little bit on me I’m not going to lie.

I’ve found that I get attached VERY quickly and easily to people especially when it comes to men.

I just want to be with them all the time or speaking to them? I know this is so off putting but I just cannot help myself. I just feel that if they’re not speaking to or with me, they’re speaking with other people? Which is obviously a massive reflection on previous experiences alongside having no confidence (don’t worry I am aware of the situation!).

I feel (as sad as it sounds) I just want to be loved as much as I love. I put all my love, time and effort into relationships so early that maybe that’s where I am going wrong, as they say “Treat them mean, Keep them keen?“.

What I Have Learnt.

Although all three of these dilemmas haven’t been easy, I have 110% learnt so much about myself in the process.

Experiencing all of the above has allowed me to actually know what I want from a relationship, how I should be treated and how I need to work on myself.

Surely the next relationship should pass with flying colours?

Thanks for giving this a read guys – please let me know any dilemmas you’ve experienced!

All my love,

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