SW – Half A Stone!

Hiya all,

Sorry this post is a lil’ late but I’ve been SUPER busy, so it will only be a short one!

After one good week on Slimming World (SW) I managed to loose another 2lbs, just scraping the 1/2 a stone award!

I was so happy to stand on the scales and seeing another 2lbs off – in all fairness I was quite shocked as I did have chocolate and cake on certain days, but clearly still doing something right!

However I have been pretty bad this week like REALLY BAD. I’ve not been mentally OK so my physical health has definitely gone downhill this week, but we will see what the scales say?!

All my love,


Slimming World – The Beginning!

Hey lovelies,
I have decided to rejoin Slimming World and thought it would be nice to share my journey with you all! I first joined SW last year where I managed to lose just over 1 and a half stone by staying on plan (if Chinese takeaway & the weekends aren’t included – shhhh).

However when you’re mentally down, it’s VERY hard to keep your physical health up.
I slowly started to get back into the habit of eating when I was down and using food as a way to cope! The weight started to pile back on (and not even bloody slowly) and again noticed my clothes to be just as snug as when I started.

So I thought its time to do something about it, not only to fit into my clothes again but to have 1-2 hours a week to go somewhere for ME, and only me. I hope that having some me time will improve my mental health (alongside the benefit of losing weight) but we will see!

Wish me luck!

All my love,