Slimming World – Week One!

Hiya Lovelies!

So last week I done a little blog post on re-joining SW and now the results of the first week are in!   


If I am honest I feel a little like a deserve it for once? I turned down 2 lots of takeaway this weekend, didn’t indulge in no chocolate AND went to the gym 3 times!   If that’s not dedication, I bloody don’t know what is anymore!

I did have the usual anxious thoughts I usually get with SW: “What if I haven’t lost anything?“, “What if someone sees the scales?” and “What the hell have I done wrong if I put on any weight?”. Luckily enough the SW group I go too is SUPER supportive – everyone is in the same boat and are okay to voice it.
But also my colleagues/friends are so supportive, they try not to eat biscuits and my trigger foods around me, which I’m so so so thankful for. I also had one of the GP’s (I work as an administrator in a GP surgery) sniff a doughnut with me so we would be in the situation of trying to be good! What would I do without them? (yes you are right if you’re thinking eat lots of doughnuts!)

I’m not going to lie I am SUPER nervous for next weeks weigh-in.
5lbs off is a lot to top but also a lot to keep off?
However going in with that mindset I know will get me absolutely no where!

So I am going in with a fresh head (after treating myself to a cheeky chocolate bar after weigh in – shhhhhh), and maybe try and hit another 2lbs to make it half a stone? Wish me luck!

All my love,

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